Our Team

Pepie Lapsatis M.S. OTR/L CHT

Pepie Lapsatis is an Occupational therapist and Certified Hand Therapist. She received a B.A. in Psychology at New York University and then went on to pursue her M.S in Occupational Therapy New York University. She specializes in the treatment of the Hand and Upper Extremity with a focus on pre and postoperative orthopedic conditions. She has extensive hands on experience working as a Hand Therapist for over 14 years working in various reputable hospitals including Mount Sinai Beth Israel, NYU Langone Hand Center and the Northwell Health system in Long Island. Additionally Pepie gained experience as a Hand Therapist in various private practices and sports therapy settings. She treats highly complex cases and works closely with renowned physicians and surgeons determining the best treatment plan for her patients.

Pepie has a passion for splint/orthotic fabrication. Her dedication to the field has enabled her to excel and provide individualized evidence-based treatment to all her patients. Pepie continues to advance her clinical skills as a therapist. Her vision is to create a setting that motivates patients to improve while delivering her enthusiasm, knowledge and peppy personality to all patients.

Eleni Lyssikatos M.S. OTL

Eleni Lyssikatos is a well-rounded Occupational Therapist with excellent credentials and experience. She started off her career in Special Education, where she worked alongside Occupational Therapists. It was through this experience that she became interested in Occupational Therapy specifically Hand Therapy. Eleni went on to obtain her Masters in OT at Wesley College. During her clinical training, Eleni has had the opportunity to work closely with talented Certified Hand Therapists at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and University Orthopedic Associates in New Jersey. She worked with patients of various orthopedic and neurological upper extremity conditions implementing various treatment techniques. Eleni's focus and specialization is hand therapy. She enjoys working with various orthopedic conditions including fractures and has been a part of the exceptional team of Hand Therapists at Hands Up Occupational Therapy for three years.

Skyler Stein M.S. OTR

Skyler Stein is an Occupational Therapist with a passion for hand therapy. Skyler graduated with her masters from Quinnipiac University. She has been practicing for over six years. Skyler's experience includes working at Trinitas Regional Medical Center in Elizabeth NJ - where her clinical focus is hands - orthopedics, as well as private outpatient facilities in the tristate area. Skyler is well versed and has experience working with various diagnoses including orthopedic and neurological conditions. Skyler brings to every treatment a positive and encouraging attitude. Skyler fit perfectly at Hands Up OT, which fosters the same optimistic and constructive approach to treatment. 

Toby Hartog M.S. OTR

Toby is a licensed occupational therapist with a specialty in hand therapy. Toby received his Bachelor's Degree in Science from the University of Scranton in 2018 and a Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy in 2019. Toby has been practicing as a hand therapist for approximately three years and has worked in various outpatient settings. He loves working with post-operative cases, and really enjoys making customized dynamic and static splints. Toby has a unique perspective on the benefits and various approaches of hand therapy, as he himself sustained a hand injury while playing baseball in high school and recovered with the help of a vigorous hand therapy regiment. As a result, Toby also has a true appreciation for the benefit of hand therapy, and a desire to help patients return to their sport and function.   

Christian Bantigue COTA

Christian Bantigue is a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant with an Associate’s Degree from Eastwick College. Christian has extensive experience in outpatient hand therapy having worked alongside Certified Hand Therapists for over two years in various private practice and outpatient settings. Christian has experience treating complex hand conditions that include operative and non-operative injuries. Christian's experience has allowed him to develop the skills to understand his patients’ needs and provide treatment that is specific to the activities that they love. Christian very much enjoys working in a setting such as Hands Up OT that fosters his ability to create challenging yet functional treatment plans that allow for favorable outcomes. Christian's motto is that, in hand therapy, there are always ways to improve the treatment and the results.

Emily Sloane Ergonomic Consultant

Emily Sloane is an Occupational Therapist, Certified Hand Therapist & Certified Ergonomic Consultant. Emily holds a B.S. in Health Sciences and M.S. in Occupational Therapy from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA. She has been working in NYC for the past 11 years in various practice settings. She gained her experience as a Hand Therapist working at Mount Sinai Beth Israel as well as working for the Hospital of Special Surgery Hand Therapy Center.

Emily has recently joined our Team at Hand Up OT as our Certified Ergonomics Specialist. Emily’s experience in Hand Therapy has been crucial in her pursued interest in ergonomics as she had seen the long term effects of poor work stations. As an Ergonomics Specialist Emily completes in-depth work place Ergonomic Assessments to prevent injuries through proper desk-set ups.

Angelica Tzikas Practice Coordinator & Marketing Consultant

Angelica is the Practice Coordinator and Marketing Consultant for Hands Up Occupational Therapy. She graduated from Baruch College with a BBA in Marketing Management, further specializing in Business Communications and Advertising. Her commitment and ability to balance the day-to-day operations help ensure we deliver the highest level of service and care to our patients.

Angelica’s passion for health care began while working for a New York Advertising agency that collaborated with various health care systems throughout the country. That passion is what guides her to constantly seek new ways to improve HUOT and the quality of care provided to patients. Angelica is using her background in marketing to help HUOT expand its operations and provide its services to all those seeking exceptional care.

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